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This program is designed for people who are interested or passionate about Cannabis as a social and conscious movement. The program combines social, political, and environmental topics and engages Cannabis as a core solution.

Medical Recommendations

Appointments for Medical Cannabis Certifications are now fully virtual and available through our licensed healthcare providers.

Caregiving Seminars

Continuous education that will assist with properly providing services (and/or training others to provide services) to cannabis users.

Growing 101 Course

Learn how to germinate, assistance setting up a tent, and training your plant to grow at maximum capacity. All materials included.

Cooking with Cannabis

Learn to make your own infused tincture, sugar, oil and butter using the kitchen method!

Growers Consultations

Get quick advice on how to feed and heal your plants in real time!

Corporation Factory

Learn how to legally join the cannabis business industry!

Certified Rolling Seminar


Become a Certified Master Roller in the cannabis industry by learning how to utilize the precise techniques of rolling! All materials included.


Enter the #Cannaverse™️ 


Instant Potency Testing!

Need a certificate of analysis? Get your results INSTANTLY!